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Flat Feet


Flat feet, whether the result of genetics or arch collapse, can trouble many men and women today. If you don’t get help for flat feet, you could end up with not only foot pain but also leg and back pain. Dr. Navrit Randhawa has the flat feet answers you need. Make your appointment online or by phone today.


What is flat feet?

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, means that your foot arches are level with the rest of your feet. Usually, at around age 4-5, foot tendons work in tandem to create an arch. In some cases, however, the arches never develop, and in other situations, they develop but then collapse later in life.

There are two basic kinds of flat feet, flexible flat feet, and rigid flat feet. With flexible flat feet, your feet show an arch while you’re sitting down, but when you stand up, it goes away. With rigid flat feet, your feet never have an arch, whether at rest or when bearing weight.

How does the podiatrist diagnose flat feet?

Your Carteret Foot & Ankle Center podiatrist can do a physical exam to check your arches and your feet as a whole.

Usually, your podiatrist asks you to do a short series of exercises like flexing your feet or balancing on your toes to check how your tendons and muscles work together. In some cases, you may also need foot X-rays so your podiatrist can verify a flat feet diagnosis.

How is flat feet treated?

Flat feet treatment varies by patient and symptoms. Milder cases may respond well to orthotics. Custom orthotics are made according to the measurements of your feet, which means they can perfectly position your feet to encourage an arch.

If flat feet causes swelling, inflammation, and pain, your podiatrist may recommend cortisone injections, ice therapy, physical therapy, or a combination of these noninvasive treatments to tame your symptoms.

For permanent arch creation, you may need flat feet reconstructive surgery. Flat feet reconstructive surgery combines several types of surgery to repair damage and deformities in your foot.

During this surgery, your Carteret Foot & Ankle Center podiatrist can lengthen or even replace ligaments and tendons, realign bone, and do everything else needed to create a fully functional foot arch. You receive anesthesia before your surgery, and most flat feet reconstructive surgeries are outpatient.

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